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Falek Tayyeb, is a pioneering job search platform tailored exclusively for UAE Nationals – a strategic initiative by the TASC team, designed to align with the Emiratization agenda of the UAE government. An application created with the core purpose of empowering UAE Nationals in their career ambitions. This is a first of its kind - a strategic initiative, diligently designed to harmonize with the UAE government's Emiratization agenda.

Here, Emirati professionals are welcomed into an exclusive arena to discover job opportunities, refine their talents, and command successful career paths in a dynamic employment landscape. Falek Tayyeb isn't just about job searching - it's a platform for career evolution, offering a user-centric experience for nascent job seekers and established professionals alike

For businesses, we present the key to unlocking a wellspring of specialized Emirati talent, streamlining the hiring process by uniting a lively community of candidates with meaningful career paths.

With Falek Tayyeb we will do more than just matching resumes with vacancies; we will nurture careers, foster professional growth, and catalyze a future that honors the aspirations of Emirati individuals and the growth trajectory of our nation.

Meet The Team

Behind the innovative spirit of Falek Tayyeb is a collective vision of leaders at TASC:

Mahesh Shahdadpuri

Founder & CEO - TASC Group

As the Founder & CEO of TASC Group, Mahesh Shahdadpuri leads with a vision to open doors for Emiratis in the job market. Since 2007, his leadership has steered TASC to the top of the recruitment industry in the GCC. Mahesh's focus on operational excellence and customer service ensures that "Falek Tayyeb" as an app mirrors his dedication to integrating UAE Nationals into the private sector, equipping them with a competitive edge for a thriving career ahead.

Abbas Ali

Chief Growth Officer

Abbas is a key member of the senior leadership team, with his entrepreneurial mindset he strategizes business expansion and operational excellence, ensuring that our reach within the Emirati job market is both broad and impactful.

Ramla Al Ansari

Head Of Emiratization

Heading our Emiratization efforts, Ramla stands as the strong pillar in our mission to advance Emirati careers, offering unmatched guidance and support to nationals looking to flourish in the private sector.

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For the Emirati job seekers that are ready to take the leap, our doors are open. Reach out to us with your career questions, hopes, and aspirations.

We're here to guide you through every step of your professional journey, offering personalized support to align your career goals with the nation's vision.

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While Falek Tayyeb is your direct line to employment opportunities and career growth, we also understand the importance of being well-informed about the market you're entering. That's why we are proud to feature the "Emiratization Salary Guide," a comprehensive resource brought to you by the thought leadership at TASC Outsourcing.

Within its pages, you'll find:

  • Comprehensive updates on labor laws regarding Emiratization

  • Insightful analysis of the top roles in demand for Emiratis

  • Detailed salary ranges across various industries

  • Practical tips for candidates and employers to foster success

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