Your Gateway To A Thriving Career With NAFIS

Embark on a journey to excellence and empowerment with Falek Tayyeb, the UAE's first ever job-search platform dedicated to Emiratis. At TASC Outsourcing, we understand the pulse of Emiratisation and are proud to introduce an application that not only connects Emirati job seekers to a world of opportunities but also celebrates the spirit of competitive excellence embodied by NAFIS.

Embracing The Future With NAFIS – Our Commitment To Emiratisation

The essence of NAFIS - meaning to compete in Arabic - resonates with our mission to facilitate a platform where ambition meets opportunity. As the UAE ushers in the 'Projects of the 50' era, we are at the forefront of an initiative aimed at enriching the private sector with the skills, passion, and drive of Emirati professionals.

The NAFIS Vision

NAFIS is more than a program; it's a movement. Launched on the auspicious day of 13th September 2021, NAFIS stands as a testament to the UAE's dedication to nurturing Emirati talent. With the ambitious goal of creating 75,000 jobs by 2026, NAFIS is a stepping stone for UAE nationals to not only join but also transform the private sector.

The Benefits Of NAFIS Platform

Joining and registering through the NAFIS platform means accessing a spectrum of benefits designed to elevate Emiratis career trajectory:

  • Unemployment Benefits

    Safeguarding your journey in case of involuntary job loss.

  • On-the-Job Training

    Real-time learning to give you the practical edge.

  • Job Offers

    A diverse array of openings tailored to your skills and aspirations.

  • Apprentice Program Offers

    Get hands-on in your chosen field and learn from the best.